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Costa Rica Weddings: 7 Key Reasons to Get Married in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Weddings
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Have you always dreamed of having a magical destination wedding? Pictured yourself surrounded by loved ones in a tropical paradise? If the answer is yes then Costa Rica is the perfect location to make your dreams come true.

Beach Destination Wedding

This gorgeous and nature-filled place is the perfect romantic setting to tie the knot. Maybe you’ll say your vows in front of a rushing waterfall surrounded by lush jungle or with your bare feet kissing the Costa Rican sand.

Still, need more convincing on Costa Rica weddings? Keep reading for the 7 key reasons to get married in Costa Rica.

Nature Surrounding

The number one reason to have a Costa Rican wedding is to be around diverse natural sites. To say this country is beautiful is taking it lightly. With natural wonders of a wide variety, being in Costa Rica feels like stepping into the pages of a National Geographic magazine.

There are numerous pristine beaches that seem to be untouched by human hands. Costa Rica is also home to picturesque volcanoes such as Arenal among others. Not to mention the tropical rainforests and abundant waterfalls.

The waterfalls in Costa Rica are world-renowned and come in all sizes and backgrounds. This breathtaking country is also home to a wide variety of exotic flora and fauna making it truly the perfect setting for any couple looking to be out in nature.

After Wedding Activities

One of the more fun aspects of getting married in Costa Rica is the abundant activities you and your family can partake in either before or after the wedding. Costa Rica is a top choice for honeymooners and it isn’t just because of the gorgeous landscape.

Spend the days after your wedding zip lining through the dense rainforest or horseback riding on the beach. Take a relaxing hike that ends in a volcanic mud bath or a dip in the hot springs.

Or maybe ride through the clouds in a helicopter. You can even go white water rafting and ocean kayaking. Costa Rica truly suits anyone with adventure in their hearts.

Breathtaking Venues

Aside from the unique natural backdrops to get married by and the abundant excursions for you and your family, there is also a variety of resort-style accommodations. These venues are spread out among all of the diverse nature, so you don’t have to get married deep in the jungle to be surrounded by nature.

Planning your wedding in Costa Rica is easy with these venues that are fully prepared to make your day a magical experience.

No Visa Requirements

One thing you may be worrying about when it comes to destination weddings is needing a visa for travel. Luckily, when visiting Costa Rica no visa is required. All you will need to enter the country is a valid passport.

This means no worrying about planning your wedding around your visa dates or worrying about your friends and family being able to come. This also makes Costa Rica an ideal location for eloping. You simply need your passport and a plane ticket and you’re set.

Inexpensive Travel

San Jose Airport

Another huge benefit of getting married in Costa Rica is low travel costs. If you are traveling from the US, plane tickets are relatively inexpensive and there is an abundance of flights going back and forth.

If you are flying from South Florida, the flights are only around 2 and a half hours and you may even be able to get round trip tickets for under $200. This also makes it easier on your guests wishing to attend your destination wedding since it won’t break their bank to do so.

Of course like all flights, its best to check around a bit with different airlines to see where you can get the best deal.

Consistent Weather

One of the biggest bummers on your wedding day is adjusting due to unexpected weather. And with most wedding locations, the weather can be a tricky variable to plan for.

Luckily, another plus of Costa Rica weddings is that the weather is very consistent compared to most places. The temperature here is the perfect range of not too hot and not too cold.

Jacó Beach, Costa Rica

Now Costa Rica does have a rainy season, so to avoid that make sure to hire an experienced wedding planner who will know which areas to stay away from during that time of the year.

English Friendly

Another worry you may have regarding a destination wedding is that your destination may also come with a language barrier. Luckily, this is not the case in Costa Rica. Due to a rise in tourism from the US, Costa Rica is very American friendly and most people you interact with will speak English.

This is especially true for individuals who work as tour guides, in restaurants, and at resorts. You will even find familiar American franchises all throughout the country. Another benefit is that the US dollar is widely accepted so you don’t have to worry about converting your cash.

If you do wish to convert your Dollars to Colones, do so at a bank to avoid exchange fees. All you’ll need to do so is your passport and luckily there are banks everywhere in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Weddings

Costa Rica weddings are beautiful for many reasons aside from the breathtaking landscape of the country. If you’ve been looking for the perfect place to have your wedding then look no further. This location is the ideal place to live out your destination wedding dreams and have the adventure of a lifetime. And be sure to check out our website for your next Costa Rican getaway!

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