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Coastal Riches: 9 Best Beaches in Costa Rica

Best Beaches In Costa Rica
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The motto of the beautiful country of Costa Rica is ‘pura vida’ which translates to ‘full life.’ This is because people in Costa Rica live life to the fullest. And how could you expect any different?

The country has natural beauty everywhere. Among this natural beauty are Costa Rica’s many beaches. When planning a trip to Costa Rica, you may be shocked at how many beaches there are and in a dilemma when trying to decide which ones to visit.

Don’t fret! We have broken down the best beaches in Costa Rica for you:

The Best Beaches in Costa Rica

With so many beaches in Costa Rica, it can be hard to choose which ones to go to. With so little time, you worry about missing out on the best beaches. We have shortlisted 9 of the best beaches in Costa Rica — each with their own uniqueness.

Regardless of what you prefer, there will be something for you on this list.

1. Manuel Antonio Beach

Located in the national park of the same name, this stunning beach is in an isolated area. It is, therefore, exclusive and quiet. You will walk through the rainforests of Manuel Antonio Park to get to this spot.

If you want a good swim and want to see Costa Rica’s beautiful coral reefs then this is the beach for you. Its seclusion is also a great spot for a romantic day out for couples. 

There are actually two beaches and both are great for seeing the sunset, relaxing, and swimming. If this is what you are looking for, then pay Manuel Antonio Beach a visit.

2. Tamarindo Beach

If you are looking for an adventure on the beach, then Tamarindo Beach is right up your alley. Tamarindo itself is a popular town for surfers and this beach is a surfer’s paradise. This is a crowded beach but that is part of the excitement.

There are many great hotels near Tamarindo Beach and the town itself is a lively place. After an exhilarating day of surfing, why not have some dinner in Tamarindo?

3. Conchal Beach

Conchal Beach is one of many beaches in the northwestern town of Guanacaste, a town in Costa Rica that everyone should visit. It also happens to be one of the least visited beaches in this town. And it is for that reason that we are recommending it.

If you are looking for a quiet beach getaway then this is it. Conchal Beach has white sand beaches and is on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. 

This is especially a great beach for snorkeling enthusiasts. 

4. Flamingo Beach

If you want to explore the town of Guanacaste but want a more exciting beach, then north of Conchal Beach is the great Flamingo Beach. This pink sand beach has great views of the sunset and if you like fishing, you need not look any further.

Additionally, you can go scuba diving, sailing, and deep water diving at Flamingo Beach. If you are the adventurous type, you may want to consider a trip to Flamingo Beach.

5. Nacascolo Beach

This is not a well-known beach because it is an exclusive beach.

This beach is found on the Papagayo Peninsula. If you wish to visit this beach, it is best to stay at the Four Seasons Hotel or the Andaz Papagayo Resort. From these hotels, you can kayak to Nacascolo Beach and enjoy a picnic.

This beach is also a great option for snorkeling and paddleboarding. This is a great getaway spot for couples or for a small group of friends.

6. Tortuga Island

One of the most popular places to stay in Costa Rica is the charming town of Jaco. And if you are staying in Jaco, you are almost a stone’s throw away from Tortuga Island.

This exclusive island is only accessible by boat and has white sand beaches unrivaled elsewhere. If you want an exclusive getaway then this is the place for you.

The best way to visit is to take a day cruise and spend a few hours on the island. Then later at night, you can be transported back to Jaco. 

If by any chance you are going to Costa Rica for a honeymoon or a romantic time with your partner, then nothing beats Tortuga Island.

7. Playa San Juanillo

Returning back to Guanacaste, this beach is very tiny but is a great getaway. And if you are the type who enjoys “long walks on the beach,” then this is the place.

Two beaches converge and create a long strip in Playa San Juanillo. You can go for a long walk while enjoying the crystal clear water on both sides of the strip. This is a great place for a picnic and is very close to a fishing village.

8. Playa Cocles

Are you a Caribbean enthusiast? Then you will want to stop by Playa Cocles. This beach, found in Puerto Viejo, is on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. 

The sand is soft and the beach is long and perfect for going for a long walk on the beach. The waves are usually calm and are perfect for swimming. There is also a season where the waves are bigger and perfect for surfing. 

Playa Cocles is usually a busier beach so if you like the excitement then this is the place. If you prefer a quieter experience on the beach, stay around the south end of the beach which is much less frequented.

9. Playa Uvita

This unique beach is found in Marino Ballena National Park. The sand is not the softest but the beach has the unique shape of a whale’s tail. And oddly enough, this is the place to go whale watching.

If you want to see giant humpback whales in their natural habitat — you should stop by Playa Uvita.

Get Your Beach Bum On!

Now that you know what the best beaches in Costa Rica are — what are you waiting for? We hope you enjoy your trip to Costa Rica and visit some, or all, of these great beaches.

And do follow us for more information on staying in the lovely town of Jaco!

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